After seeing firsthand how startups were handling hiring and firing, we thought that there had to be a better way: a better way to manage outgoing teammates and a better way to help people launch their career forward.

BTWN is built on experience: the experience of being let go, the experience of letting others go, the experience of hiring for a fast-growing startup, and the experience of being a recruiter. We help people figure out where they want to go and help them get there. 


The Program

At BTWN, there are three pillars to our program:


Few people want to talk about losing their job, but it's something that millions of people have gone through at one point or another.

We provide space at an amazing co-working location for job seekers to work together on figuring out the next step and see that they're not alone in the process. We also introduce our seekers to a host of professionals: potential mentors, hiring managers and experts in a variety of fields, all to help bridge job seekers into the greater BTWN network.


One of the biggest challenges in a sudden change in employment is the abrupt disruption to your routine. BTWN gives job seekers a place to go and establish a routine.

Part of that routine is understanding the paperwork that an employment change can generate: we help job seekers understand the steps they can undertake to minimize the effect on their lives.

But the most important step is putting together a plan to move forward: this includes handling administrative details, mapping out your job search and taking the opportunity to better organize your life. We provide one-on-one counseling to help structure your job search - and your life - going forward.


We don't stop until our seekers find a job - it's that simple. Whether it's through our network of hiring managers or by coaching through the search, we will keep working.

Our goal isn't just to find our seekers a job, though: it's to help build a career and arm people with the tools to feel secure in an ever-changing professional landscape. That may include basic job hunting, resume, cover letter and interview skills - but it could involve identifying additional skills that will make our seekers even more attractive to future organizations.