So how do I actually find a job?

Great question! We cover this topic a lot (check our archive!), but we do have a couple quick tips:

  1. Start with the people you know: your former colleagues, friends, family - they all know you pretty well and may have ideas for jobs that are a good fit.
  2. Check out companies you like or admire and see what they're hiring for. Companies usually have a jobs page at the bottom of their websites. Bonus power move: search for any LinkedIn connections and see if you can reach someone at the company.

But in today's day and age, there's nothing wrong with doing it the old-fashioned way and applying directly to listings! We've compiled our favorite places to look. These aren't sponsored or anything - they're just the tools we thought were best when we've done both hiring and hunting for ourselves and others. 

Job Listing Spots:

  • Angel List
    • Probably THE place to find startup jobs. Great for entry-, mid- and late mid-level job hunting.
  • Indeed
    • One of the most comprehensive job listing sites for all types of jobs. Some startup hiring software (like Jazz) automatically posts job listings to Indeed, which makes it a great place for startup listings, too.
  • Craigslist
    • Don't sleep on craigslist! In addition to being a great place for gigs or part-time work, there's typically